Taymac Boilers

With over 1000 units in use today, Taymac is New Zealandís leading supplier and manufacturer of solid fuel, diesel and gas low pressure hot water (LPHW) boilers.Taymac have been supplying boilers and stokers for the New Zealand and Australian markets for over 50 years.

Boiler Types


The Heatpack is a sectional Low Pressure Hot Water (LPHW) boiler. They are available in four size series; 24, 36, 48, 60, with outputs ranging from 150 kW up to 2.4MW. The Heatpacks sectional construction is the most versatile & flexible form of boiler construction. Each boiler can be configured for the required output by specifying the appropriate number of boiler sections.

Ideally suited to central heating and commercial applications, they are found in municipal, state and private sector facilities throughout New Zealand and Australia. Typical applications include schools, hospitals, swimming pools, hotels, motels, camping grounds and horticulture. The are many process industry applications for Heatpacks which range from timber processing to wool scours, anywhere temperatures up to 90°C are required for production.

Suitable for multiple fuel types, Heatpack boilers are compatible with virtually all solid fuels. There are Heatpacks currently in service around New Zealand supplied burning most types of coal, wood chip, wood waste and pellets.

The durability of the Heatpack is well proven with examples in service after 40 years, a testimant to quality design, materials and after market support.


Taylors 75 Series Underfed Stokers

The underfed type is the most widely used stoker in New Zealand today. The majority of these stokers are The Taylors 75 series stokers. These stokers have proven popular, reliable and efficient in all applications burning a wide range of solid fuels. These include sub bituminous coals, lignite, wood pellets, dry (<30% MC) wood chip and wood waste. With nine sizes, outputs range from 190 kW up to 2MW.

Uniquely, the Taylors stoker can be supplied configured for one fuel & reconfigured at a later date for another. For example, a stoker can be supplied to burn coal, up until the expiry of an existing resource consent & then reconfigured to burn wood pellets or woodchip under a new consent.

Three different configurations are available to suit different boilerhouse / bunker layouts, bunkerflow, pullthru and hopper type.

Controls for the Taylors Stoker are compatible with BMS systems or it can be operated stand alone with its simple to program integral 7 day timers. Other features of the controls include 5 selectable boiler output settings with variable frequency drives and full compliment of safety features.

Simple to operate and maintain, ownership of Taylors Stokers is fully supported by Taymac, with a full range of spares available


Phoenix Biomass

The Phoenix Biomass boiler is a LPHW boiler specifically designed for combustion of biomass. Many of today's economic and environmental concerns are best met with heating supplied by biomass combustion. The cost for biomass heating generally falls between that of coal and all other types, such as electrical (heat pumps), diesel, gas & radiant electricity. Surprisingly, there are fewer carbon emissions associated with biomass heating than any other type. In the case of electricity, this is due to the nature of New Zealand's power generation, up to 20% of which can be produced at Huntlys' coal & oil fired power station.

The Phoenix makes use of leading edge technology and design to achieve high efficiencies, low emissions and minimal input from operators. It is available in sizes ranging from 250kw up to 2MW and are suitable for a range of biomass fuels ranging in moisture content from 0~30%. The Phoenix boiler incorporates many features to achieve these aims including modulating control, automatic ignition, oxygen sensor and BMS compatibility. Options for the phoenix boiler include automatic de-ashing of the firebox and automatic fire tube cleaning.


78 Series Boiler

The 78 series boiler is a compact vertical package boiler for solid fuels. Its small footprint permits installation in spaces which would not accommodate other types of boilers of a similar capacity. The 78 Series boiler is supplied with a matched stoker, utilizing Taylors 75 Series Stoker Technology. The 78 Series is suitable for most types of coal and wood pellets. The 78 Series is available with outputs ranging from 125 kW to 750 kW.

Diesel & Gas

Taymacs' range of diesel and gas boilers supply heating in many public and private sector facilities, ranging from hospitals and Hotels to ice cream factories. A wide size range is available, from 75kW up to 1.5MW. Of durable & robust construction, Taymac diesel & gas boilers are preferred over less durable boilers for demanding and critical applications. As these boilers are built to order they can be equipped to meet clients' requirements, such as alternative burners, on/off, hi/lo or modulating control. A unique option for the Taymac boilers is the ability to supply multiple units which combined offer large turn down ratios. Taymac boilers are ideally suited to combined heating / domestic hot water supply with the option of an integral fast heating calorifier. Due to the stacked configuration, these units are ideal for constrained spaces.


Taymac electric boilers provide a level of convenience and simplicity unmatched by alternative fuels. Electric boilers offer unique advantages in terms of where they can be located and the absence of associated equipment and hazards such as flues, fuel tanks and fuel lines. This makes them ideally suited where a boiler is required, for example, within a large occupied space such as a hospital wing or office block.


Taymacs' range of calorifiers are a fast recovery design, ideal for medium to large domestic hot water applications such as office blocks, hospitals, hotels, prisons and other facilities involving cooking, cleaning and amenities. Each calorifier comprises multiple stainless steel vessels, with inspection hatches for internal access & a water jacket for heating. These caloriers are available as stand alone units or can be supplied integral with a boiler, minimizing space requirements.

Buffer Tanks

A buffer tank is an ideal way of meeting peak demand or instant heat with a boiler installation. Space constraints, such as ceiling height and doorway sizes can be surmounted through custom design. Individually designed tanks also offer the purchaser flexibility in orientation of the tank fittings, simplifying the associated pipework. Typically, Taymac buffer tanks are constructed in mild steel and supplied with a 100mm thick insulation.

Flue Systems

Regardless of fuel, the flue system is a critical component of any boiler installation. Taymac supply flue systems to suit any application. Options for materials include painted mild steel, stainless steel, insulated and non insulated types. Features of Taymac flue systems include clean out doors, drains, efflux cones, rain cowls & shrouds and flue gas sampling points.