Taymac Fan Accessories
Fan Accessories

An Industrial fan is usually one component in a system designed to transfer gases and materials in a process. In almost all cases, these systems include additional components to enable the process to be adjusted and controlled, operate within specified parameters such as minimum & maximum production levels, noise levels, efficiency, as well as accommodate mechanical design considerations such as temperature, thermal expansion, live & dead loads, vibration isolation and operational considerations such as isolation. Taymac has unmatched experience in the selection and design of fan accessories which deliver this additional functionality.


All forms of transitions can be supplied in almost any configuration and any material, matched to provide a fuss free connection between the fan and ductwork.

Inlet Boxes

In some instances, plant configuration requires a compact 90 degree change in duct orientation at the fan inlet. This can be accommodated with minimal pressure loss & maintain the correct inlet conditions for the fan by the use of a properly designed inlet box.

Flexible Connectors

Flexible connectors are available in variety of styles & materials to suit all applications ranging from hygienic to high temperature applications. Special designs are also available to suit high wear applications.

Duct Silencers

Silencers can be supplied for both the inlet & outlet of fans and are designed for individual applications where noise may be an issue. Examples are boiler ID fans exhausting to atmosphere though stacks.

Noise Reduction Enclosures

In instances where breakout noise from the fan casing is an issue, a noise reduction enclosure can be supplied to reduce noise levels to that specified by the purchaser.

Single & Multi Blade Dampers

can be supplied to regulate and isolate parts of a process. Multi-blade dampers have the benefit of very compact axial dimensions. A variety of actuators and position monitoring is possible, including manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic.

Slide Gates

Are economic and compact ways of isolating parts of a process. These can be actuated manually, electrically, pneumatically & hydraulically.