Taymac Fans

Taymac have been supplying fans to industry for over fifty years and have a well developed range of fans for all applications. What really makes Taymac fans stand out is the bespoke nature of each fan and its inherent durability which results from robust construction and top quality materials.

High profile installations include fans for many many of Fonterras’ milk powder dryers throughout the country and the Lyttelton Road tunnel ventilation fans (still running well, after 47 years and 3 major earthquakes).

Taymac has the capability of producing fans anywhere within the range of 5 to 600 Kilowatts. In addition, Taymac are specialists in a variety fans with special requirements – high temperature, special materials, coatings, construction and low leakage.

Fan Types

PW Series Medium Duty Materials Handling Fans

Paddle wheel fans have radial blades and are suitable for extremely heavy dust loads and materials handling. Where fiborous or difficult materials are to be conveyed such as hogged, chipped or shaved wood, wool glass fibre or paper, paddle wheel fan runners are supplied with a backplate to reduce clogging and material wrapping around the shaft. PW fans are available in capacities up to 16m3/s and 2500 Pa.

EP Series Heavy Duty Materials Handling Fans

Enclosed paddle wheel fans are radial bladed suitable for high dust loads and some materials handling applications. The EP fans have improved efficiency compared to the paddle wheel type.

TR Series Radial Tipped Fans

Radial bladed curved heel TR fan – 12 sizes. Heavy fabricated steel construction for large volumes of gas containing dust and capable of high pressures. Due to the curvature of the blades, efficiencies and flow rates are generally greater than the equivalent enclosed paddle wheel fan. A typical application is Boiler ID fan up to 400°C.

TA Series Aerofoil Section Fans
photo Aerofoil backward curved clean air fan – 18 sizes. Fabricated steel with high efficiency aerofoil type runner, clean air streams only. Temperatures up to 400°C. These fans particularly suited to high volume airflows, as their efficieny can have significant benenfits in reduced power consumption.

TL Series Backward Inclined or Backward Curved Laminar Bladed Fans

Are suitable for many type of applications, including moderate dust loads and or high temperature. Generally TL fans offer efficiencies between TR and TA fans, but with a wider operating range than TA fans.

ER Series High Pressure Blowers

ER series fans are designed for high pressure applications and are notable for their generally higher running speeds. Efficiencies are on a par with TR series fans.

Standard Features

All Taymac fans are supplied in a painted carbon steel finish. For shaft mounted runners, all exposed shafts, couplings and belt drives are provided with protective covers.

All fans are supplied fitted with only top quality bearings, either FAG or SKF. Bearings are mounted with tapered adaptor sleeves to permit easy bearing replacement. Likewise all bearings are mounted in split housings, fitted grease nipples for ease of maintenance.

Key to the quality and reputation of Taymac fans is the exclusive use of the highest quality electric motors, supplied by either WEG or Teco.

With this policy of using only the highest quality components which are well supported throughout New Zealand, the end user is assured of reliable performance and ease on maintenance.

On all fans except belt driven types, motor jacking bolts are fitted to speed motor & shaft alignment. In addition, on all shaft driven fans, the motor & bearing pads are machined after fabrication to provide flat & level mountings for the motor and bearings.

As standard, shaft couplings and belt pulleys are fitted with taperlock bushes to speed alignment & periodic replacement of coupling elements. The couplings fitted as standard are the HRC type, which enable replacement of the coupling element without disturbing motor alignment.

Belt drive fans are provided with motor rails to facilitate correct tensioning of the drive belt(s).

Inlets and outlets are generally flanged and drilled to suit matching ductwork.

Fan Options

Options on virtually all fans include:

Protective coatings

As standard, all carbon steel fans are painted externally. In clean applications, fans are generally painted internally as well. A wide range of paint finishes is available. In addition, fans can be supplied with any customer specified paint finishes.

Inlet & outlet connections A wide variety of arrangements are possible to suit individual end users. Inlets can be supplied with open bell mouths, flanged or spigoted connections as well as transitions . In some applications the provision of clamp type connectors is specified where frequent cleaning or blockages is expected. Likewise outlets can also be supplied flanged, spigoted, with transition or clamp connected.

Split housings

Are a consideration on our larger fans, as this provides for simple overhead removal and replacement of fan runners & shafts. Additional housing options include inspection hatches, which facilitate inspection & maintenance as well as in service balancing.

Housing drains

Can be supplied where there is expected to be an accumulation of moisture.

Inlet guards

For safety & to prevent ingestion of foreign objects.

Shaft seals

Typically fitted on high pressure fans and those conveying noxious, hazardous or corrosive substances. Options include high temperature seals and leak free seals.

Shaft couplings

A variety of shaft couplings are available for the most demanding and critical applications. Options include gear type couplings with spacers to enable replacement of couplings without disturbing motor alignment.

High temperature

Special design to accommodate thermal expansion, special provisions to prevent heat sink to shaft bearings.

Insulation and cladding

For high temperature applications

Wear resistant materials

Economic method of extending the life of fan runners and housings to cope with abrasive conditions. Runners can generally be repaired at least once.Depending on application, materials include 5CR12, bisalloy.

Wear resistant coatings

To extend the life of fan runners in abrasive conditions. Not suitable for repair as the coatings are not suitable for welding or re-applying. Beneficial where component life is short and there is a high cost associated with plant shutdowns for repairs or replacement.

Corrosion resistant materials

Wsed in applications where either the operating environment or the substances being conveyed are corrosive. Options include corrosion resistant runners, runners & housings or runners, housings & pedestals. Materials available include 5CR12, 304 SS, 316 SS, 2205.

Wear resistant coatings

To extend the life of fan runners in abrasive conditions. Not suitable for repair as the coatings are not suitable for welding or re-applying. Beneficial where component life is short and there is a high cost associated with plant shutdowns for repairs or replacement.

Hygenic conditions

Special provisions for hygenic conditions include stainless steel construction, polished finishes for housings and impellors, fully internally welded housings, enclosed & sealed belt drives.

Explosive environments

For operation in explosive environments, special motors and fan construction are used to avoid potenial ignition sources, EXD rated motors, non sparking material combinations for runners & housings, non-sparking shaft seals.