Taymac Fuel Handling
Fuel Handling

Taymacs’ fuel handling systems are an integral part of any solid fuel heat plant. With over 50 years experience in supplying coal stoking equipment, recent trends towards combusting  biomass and waste materials have resulted in Taymac expanding its range of fuel handling solutions. In many instances wood processors are combusting waste streams from their own processing to reduce energy costs and to eliminate dumping charges. The consequent benefits to the environment are enormous. Many of the waste streams produced are particularly difficult to handle, such as wood shavings, sawdust and woodchip. Often there is a requirement to combine waste streams of different material in way that is suitable for combustion. Taymac have particular expertise in providing bespoke solutions for these applications.

Fuel Handling Systems

Taymac design a build bespoke fuel handling systems for every client. Taymac have systems for receiving bulk deliveries of fuel and then feeding it to the boiler, or continuous delivery, for example a waste stream from somewhere on site. Continuous delivery will typically involve a surge bin to act as a buffer, so that the fuel can be fed to the boiler at the correct rate. Mixing bins can also be incorporated into the system to allow mixing of several waste streams to provide homogenous fuel for the boiler.

Woodchip Fuel Bin With Blowline

Tayamcs' woodchip bin comprises of a tilt slab bin with specially designed walls and floor, fitted with a walking floor. Trucks are able to reverse over the floor of the bin & discharge the load onto the floor. Typically, the roof of the fuel bin retracts to provide clearance for the truck to tip. The hydraulically driven walking floor reciprocates to move the chip to the end of the bin where it discharges into an auger. The auger discharges through a rotary valve into a blowline which transports the chip to a small cyclone atop the boiler. The cyclone removes the chip from the air stream and the woodchip discharges directly into the boiler. This system of delivery is particularly suited to Vekos Boilers.

Drying loops

Drying loops use the waste heat from a boilers flue gas to remove moisture from wet fuel by direct contact, prior to feeding the fuel to the boiler. The fuel is fed into the flue gas via a rotary valve which dries the fuel. Downstream, a cyclone or multiclone is used to remove the fuel from the flue gas. The fuel is then discharged from the multiclone into a blowline which feeds the fuel into the boiler. This system is particularly suited to fuels with a high surface area/volume ratio, ie small particles such as sawdust.

Surge Bin For Mixing Two Fuels With Auger Discharge & Blowlines

Two different waste streams (shavings & woodchip) are fed from two different bunkers via blowlines to a cyclone atop the surge bin, the cyclone separates out the fuel and discharges it directly into the surge bin. An agitator ensures mixing of the fuel, prior to discharge via an auger at the bottom of the bin. The fuel is entrained in the blowline which delivers the fuel to the boiler. In the example illustrated, two discharge augers and blowlines are installed so that one surge bin feeds two boilers.


In a fuel storage application, silos allow a small footprint and the convenience of bottom discharge through either an auger or rotary valve and blowline.