Taymac Plant Maintenance
Plant Maintenance
Boiler Servicing

All types of boilers benefit from regular servicing. The benefits include maintaining boiler efficiency though good cleaning, checking adjustment of assuring the correct functioning of all safety devices. Taymac specialise in the servicing, maintenance, repair & replacement of solid fuel boilers, particularly those supplied by Taymac. Facilities & expertise include boiler performance testing, combustion analysis and tuning.

Bag Filter & Multiclone Inspection & Servicing

Both bag filers and multiclones require regular inspection and performance monitoring to assure correct function. Taymac can provide inspection and assesment services and where required, supply and install all required replacement parts. In the case of multiclones, Taymac has a full set of specialist tooling and service technicians with confined spaces training to carry out the work efficiently and safely.

Plant Maintenance & Repairs
Taymac regularly carry out plant maintenance and repairs for industrial clients, typically repair and replacement of ductwork, refurbishment of fans and associated equipment, including bearing replacement, alignment, shaft / runner replacement(or repair) & housing repairs. Often the work can be carried out in place, alternatively repairs can be carried out in the workshop or a complete replacement can be supplied.