Comma coater activated carbon filter for Deakin University

Melbourne, Australia

In a collaborative effort, Fowlerex, Vortex Engineering, and Taylors Manufacturing played integral roles in the completion of an innovative project: a skid-mounted activated carbon filter system. This system, tailored for a new research facility focusing on wiring coatings in the automotive sector, was developed to address specific challenges, including achieving 95% VOC removal from the Comma coater’s ventilation system. A key objective was to balance operational efficiency with cost-effectiveness by adjusting the temperature before and after treatment to fit within the fan’s operational range.

In this project, Taylors Manufacturing fabricated and assembled the essential components required. Our team ensured that every piece met the high standards necessary for such specialized applications, showcasing our expertise in precision engineering and attention to detail. The successful installation and commissioning of the system, completed on schedule, demonstrated Taylors Manufacturing’s commitment and capability to provide customized solutions in complex engineering projects.