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New Zealand's Premier Manufacturer of Diverse Boiler Solutions

Use a leading NZ manufacturer of industrial and commercial boilers and stokers for the New Zealand and Australian markets of over 50 years.

We work with industrial, public and commercial facilities and specialise in solid fuel, electric, diesel and gas low pressure hot water (LPHW)

Low pressure hot water boilers

Biomass Boilers

Taylors offers one of the few locally manufactured biomass (wood chip or wood pellet) hot water boilers that is based on the Heatpak boiler design. The Heatpak boiler was originally designed to burn coal but has been updated over the years to burn wood pellets or wood chips. Taylors can also offer imported biomass boilers which are manufactured by its European partners. Boiler offered can rage from 200kW to 1,500kW.

Electric Boilers

Taylors electric boilers provide a level of convenience and simplicity unmatched by alternative fuels. Electric boilers offer unique advantages in terms of where they can be located and the absence of associated equipment and hazards such as flues, fuel tanks and fuel lines. This makes them ideally suited where a boiler is required, for example, within a large, occupied space such as a hospital wing or office block.

Diesel & Gas Boilers

Taylors range of diesel and gas boilers supply heating in many public and private sector facilities, ranging from hospitals and Hotels to ice cream factories. A wide size range is available, from 75kW up to 1.5MW. As these boilers are built to order they can be equipped to meet clients’ requirements, such as alternative burners, on/off, hi/lo or modulating control. Taylors boilers are ideally suited to combined heating / domestic hot water supply with the option of an integral fast heating calorifier. Due to the stacked configuration, these units are ideal for constrained spaces.

Waste to Energy Plant

Utilize your timber waste for a sustainable future

Taylors’ waste to energy heat plants allow you to burn waste and generate hot water for timber drying or space heating. The system ensures accurate control and clean burn with under fired stokers and independent airflow. Our heat plants are the ultimate solution for independent waste disposal, based on proven concepts developed over 40 years ago.
The complete package includes the heat plant, fuel surge bin, control panel, grit arrestor, hot water pump, and cooling radiators. Sizes range from 350kW to 2,400kW.

Typical waste burned
  • Dry shavings and sawdust
  • Shredded waste or MDF dust of consistent size
  • Maximum particle size of 20mmx 20mm x 10mm

Our Boiler Services 

  • Customised hot water boiler system
  • New boiler parts & castings
  • Flues & buffer tanks (Bespoke designed)
  • Boiler refurbishments & servicing
  • Boiler conversions (Coal to biomass)
  • Trouble shooting

Case studies

Eco-friendly Transition of Heating Systems at Kaikorai Valley College

Eco-friendly Transition of Heating Systems at Kaikorai Valley College

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