Eco-friendly Transition of Heating Systems at Kaikorai Valley College

Kaikorai, NZ

In 2023, Taylors Manufacturing spearheaded a significant environmental project, transforming Kaikorai Valley College’s heating infrastructure in line with New Zealand’s clean energy objectives. Our mission was to convert their TAYMAC coal boiler, a legacy Heatpak 6010 model, to operate on wood pellets—a renewable energy source.

This comprehensive project entailed a series of enhancements tailored to improve the existing boiler system. The modifications included enlarging the fuel storage area for the wood pellets, installing a modern and more reliable fuel feed system, and incorporating an automatic ignitor to streamline startup of the system. To ensure ease of use, we replaced the outdated control system with a cutting-edge, user-centric alternative. Further, we introduced improved safety features to modernize the heating system.

Utilizing the robustness of the original boiler, supplied by our firm in 2014, allowed for a straightforward stoker replacement. The execution of this project was seamless, concluding within the set timeframe and budget, a testament to our efficient project management. The college now enjoys a fully functional, eco-efficient boiler ready to provide warmth through the chilly winters of Otago.

This project exemplifies Taylors Manufacturing’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, proving that updating existing systems can be a viable and economical route to achieving sustainability in energy consumption.

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