Rapid Fan Impeller Replacement

Northern Canterbury, NZ
July 2023

A timber sawmill in Northern Canterbury faced an urgent challenge when a foreign object unexpectedly damaged the impeller of their main sawdust conveying fan. In this urgent situation, they sought assistance from Taylors Manufacturing.

Initially, there was consideration to repair the damaged impeller, but prioritizing safety and efficiency, it was decided to fabricate a new impeller from scratch. Our team applied their expertise in reverse engineering to accurately replicate the impeller. The process involved precise profile cutting and dynamic balancing of the new impeller, completed within two and a half days, effectively minimizing the mill’s downtime.

This project highlighted Taylors Manufacturing’s capacity for prompt response in emergency situations, while also reflecting our attentiveness to client needs. Throughout this task, we not only demonstrated our proficiency in reverse engineering but also our ability to efficiently repair both Taylors and non-Taylors fan parts.

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