Ensuring Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability in Every Endeavour.

Our Commitment to Quality

Taylors Manufacturing is committed to producing products that meet and exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations. Our commitment to quality includes considerations involving certification standards, best practices, and our own desire to constantly improve and upskill our team.

Health and Safety

Taylors Manufacturing Limited and its officers recognise that the health and safety of all workers and visitors is of the utmost importance and vital to the success of our business. As such we aim to continuously improve health and safety in the workplace through consultation and increased health and safety awareness of management and workers.


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Environmental Sustainability

The organisation will ensure it is aware of any specific requirements of the Environmental Protection Authority relevant to any hazardous chemicals held on site or used in the conduct of its business.

At Taylors Manufacturing, we are dedicated to managing and reducing environmental risks, particularly those associated with hazardous materials. Our policies focus on the careful selection, handling, and disposal of these substances, always prioritizing environmental safety and sustainability. Through robust internal controls and regular staff training, we strive to not only meet but exceed environmental standards, reflecting our commitment to responsible business practices and a reduced environmental footprint.

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