Enhancing Emission Control in Lumber Processing

Whangarei, NZ
Oct 2022 - Nov 2023

Job# 403262


The project aimed at enhancing the emission control system of a sawmill to meet the strict local council regulations. Taylors & Vortex were tasked with the critical components of the project, which included the design, manufacturing, painting, and delivery of a 36-6 multicyclone, complete with an inlet transition and support legs. The project also required the multicyclone and transition pieces to be insulated and clad, taking into account the foundation reaction loads.

The Rosvall Sawmill, operating a Vekos 4.25MW boiler, sought to lower its emissions through the introduction of the 36-6 multicyclone, strategically placed between the existing stack and the building. This installation was a key strategy in reducing emissions to levels acceptable by the council. One of the project’s main challenges was the need for a company that could not only manufacture the necessary components but also ensure they were insulated and clad within a tight timeframe.

Vortex Engineering, as the principle supplier, undertook the design of the system & project management while its subsidiary business Taylors Manufacturing carried out the fabrication. The insulation and cladding of multicyclone was done in factory by Airtight solutions which also forms part of the Vortex group of companies.

By implementing the 36-6 multicyclone, Rosvall Sawmill has further solidified its dedication to sustainable lumber processing and adhering to stringent emissions control standards.